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Season 5 Episode 6


Official Description – Holden and Roci go on the hunt. Amos and Clarissa seek shelter on a devastated Earth. Bobbie and Alex fight a desperate battle. Marco makes Drummer an offer she can’t refuse. Avasarala returns to a position of power.


In this episode, the crew of the Roscinante remain scattered. And while the viewer is enveloped in the story of the crew, two of the story’s prominent sub-characters are also shown. While short on action, this is a meaty episode filled with character development and story advancement.


The Expanse opens with a distraught Avasarala watching a newsfeed of the destruction on Earth. The majority of the UNs leader’s were killed in Marco Inaros’s attack. As a result, new leaders must be appointed, and Avasarala is contacted by a UN representative. After this 5+ minute opener, the viewer then delves into the different happening of the main characters.

After narrowly escaping death, James Holden, with the help of Bull, is intent on finding the protomolecule. The threat of Free Navy infiltrators on Tycho Station, brings an unwanted guest aboard his ship.

Bobbie and Alex, in a quick, but intense, space sequence, destroy a ship that was tailing The Razorback allowing them to escape members of Marco Inaros’s faction.

There are two main storylines this week. One revolves around Marco Inaros and the other around Amos and Clarissa.

Amos and Clarissa are stuck on a snowy disaster filled Earth. Clarissa is suffering from withdrawal of the UN prison’s anti-mod drugs and must rely on Amos’s help. As the two search for shelter, Clarissa reveals more of her history and her struggle with who she has become. Amos grows closer to her, but deeply feels the loss of his crew.

There is a lot happening with Marco Inaros and The Free Navy.

Marco is troubled by Filip’s obsession with his mother, Naomi. Filip is clearly torn between the two and it drives Marco to challenge Filip’s loyalty. Meanwhile, he makes a request of Camina Drummer that may change the course of her faction. Being Marco’s son, Filip is introduced to Camina. As she is a close friend of Naomi, her introduction strikes a curious chord in him and he seeks out his mother for more information.

The viewer learns more about the mind of Marco and his future plans. We also delve into the dynamics between Earth and The Belt. We are reminded that the Expanse is the story of caste and colonialism. The Belters’ struggle, and their search for freedom, draw heavily upon the history of Colonial America. Marco is depicted as both a source of ire and hope for this group of space dwellers. The question of the episode becomes, “Does might make right?”

The Expanse S05XE06



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