The Dreaming Waking Hours #9

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Nick Robles and M.K. Perker

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Jophiel must find his friends to complete their mission but convincing them to reject the pleasures of the fairy world will be harder than they think.

Ruin and Heather find themselves immersed in the pleasures of the fairy world and unable to remember how or even why they are there. At the same time, Jophiel gets an unexpected rescue by the former king of the fairies Auberon who questions why he is in his former lands. A reminder of her past causes Heather to break out of her state and she and Ruin discover the darkness beneath the pleasant veneer of this place.

Jophiel and Auberon work their way towards the ruined castle, but the forces of Queen Nuala are ever present and searching for him. At the same time, Ruin and Heather are brought to the broken down throne room to be confronted by the Queen herself.

The Story: Fun, engaging and riveting, Wilson does an excellent job of bringing these characters life, making them interesting and full of both life and nuance. I continue to be impressed with this storyline and these characters. I love the callback to Sandman lore and how it has shaped the characters of Heather. I loved the twist ending and cannot wait to see how it plays out in the next issue.

The Art: Robles and Perker deliver some great visuals throughout the issue. There are great visual moments to be had and the imagery was both surreal and beautiful.

The Dreaming Waking Hours #9



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