The Boys: Dear Becky #5

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Russ Braun

Colors by Tony Avina

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Things are getting more tense for Hughie and Billy makes a pledge.

Billy and the Boys finally get a bead on what Vought is planning next to debut their new superhero team. After finding out the where and the who, the Boys move in to put a wrinkle in the companies plans in front of the media. In the aftermath, Billy’s relationship with Becky takes an unexpected turn that will drive him to make a deadly promise.

Hughie is still struck by what he’s reading but he has his own issues to deal with. His best friend Bobbi is dealing with some difficult issues with her transition and they are directly related to Hughie’s situation. To make matters worse, Annie is starting to get suspicious about the secrets Hughie is keeping from her.

The Story: I really enjoyed how this story started and was hoping that it would pick up by now and, with the exception of the confrontation at Yankee Stadium, it really hasn’t. Garth Ennis has put a lot of exposition into this story and the problem I have with it is that it should be shown, not told. Having Billy stand on a roof hearing about a tense meeting does nothing other than wish I could see what was happening at that meeting. Instead, its a dump of information with no context which is frankly boring.

The Art: Russ Braun has a great eye and a great style. I just wish he had something to do in this story. There is so much that is not happening and that is a bummer visually. Instead, there are page after page of characters standing around talking about things that are way more interesting.

The Boys Dear Becky #5



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