The Amazing Spider-Man #57 Review

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Mark Bagley

Inks by John Dell, Andrew Hennessy and Andy Owens

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and Edgar Delgado

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: In the aftermath of Kindred’s attack, Peter’s allies want answers and an old enemy wants his help.

Kindred is in the custody of Kingpin and Norman Osborn. In the wake of the attack, Peter is reunited with Mary Jane and his allies want answers. Gwen is especially anxious to know what all this means and she is getting more upset at Peter’s lack of response. Peter is still traumatized but what Harry put him through physically and emotionally and one of the team let’s him off the hook for the time being as the rest of the team decides on their next move and Sin Eater’s former victims.

Peter decides to get some answers of his own and he breaks into Ravencroft to get them. Confronting Norman Osborn, Peter decides that the path he’s been on with him and Harry has to end and he will be the one to do it. As Kindred looks on, Peter and Norman verbally slug it out until Peter takes matters into his own hands. As Spider-Man contemplates what just happened, Carlie makes a devastating discovery among the bodies Harry dug up.

The Story: Nick Spencer does a great job of bringing a sense of consequence to Peter in this story. The dialogue is definitely a highlight as the reader can feel Gwen’s frustration with the lack of answers from Peter and the tension among the group is palpable. Spencer also does a great job with the confrontation between Peter and Norman as the years of frustration boil over with Peter and he finally confronts their shared history. What makes the story even more engaging is the mystery continues with a revelation that grabbed me and made me want to know more.

The Art: Mark Bagley delivers some fantastic art throughout this issue. From the characters to the action, everything looks amazing. This is an intensely emotional issue and that is brought through in the facial expressions of the characters. Norman’s desperation is powerful and even with masks on, Peter and Gwen’s emotions are beautifully expressed.

The Amazing Spider-Man #57



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