The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: With Spider-Man missing, the other spiders wreak havoc and Sin Eater finds a new purpose.

IN the aftermath of Peter’s disappearance, Doctor Strange confronts Black Cat about the missing Hand of Vishanti. After discovering that he can’t just take it from the thief, he decides that the best way to save Peter’s soul is to team up with the burglar. At the same time, Sin Eater is revived after being rescued by his remaining followers.

With the transformed Spider people attacking the city, Sin Eater decides that he has a new mission. One that will bring him back into favor with the master that he serves. The only thing he will need is the power of one who can stop the rampaging spiders, but the creature he choose won’t be easy to subdue.

The Story: The story continues to grow and evolve in new and entertaining ways. I like seeing the other spiders rampage throughout the city, but I wish there was some internal conflict with them or struggle to fight back from Kindred’s control. Spencer and Rosenberg do a great job with the moments between Strange and Black Cat as well as Mary Jane and her surprise rescuer. Those are handled really well. I also liked that Sin Eater returns and who he next target it. That moment looks to add some additional drama to the story.

The Art: Federico Vicentini does some beautiful work with the art throughout the issue. There are some great visual moments and the style of the action and characters is amazing. A great looking issue.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR



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