781274._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Spider-Man #27

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Kev Walker

Inks by John Dell

Colors by Laura Martin

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The all-female Syndicate has attacked the FEAST homeless shelter and Boomerang is going to get some unexpected assistance.


Peter is trapped between the advancing Syndicate and an injured Aunt May as the super villains seek to bring down Boomerang. As the former villain faces off with them, he tells Peter to get May out of harm’s way and creates a distraction to get the villains out of the shelter.

Peter decides to help his roommate take on the super villain team and we discover that each of them has a bone to pick with Boomerang, especially Electro. The focused, powerful and driven villains might be too much for Spider-Man and Boomerang to take and later we find out there are more secrets in Peter’s apartment than he realized.

The Story: Nick Spencer continues to keep Spider-Man’s current adventures fun and light on the surface as forces beneath continue to plot and plan around him. I like the comedic tone of this issue and the jabs it takes at some of the worst aspects of the current culture. The Syndicate is an interesting and capable team and I really like how they interact with each other and support their own agency. It can be a little too on-the-nose at points, but it’s still fun to read. Boomerang has become a more interesting character as well and the twist Spencer puts at the end of the issue will add some additional drama to Spider-Man’s life as his worlds continue to collide.

The Art: Kev Walker’s art perfectly complements the tone and pace of this story. The panels are full of great details and the characters are drawn beautifully.

The Amazing Spider-Man #27




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