Acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates took over writing Black Panther back in 2016 and his storyline changed the direction of the character in many ways, garnering positive feedback from critics and fans alike.


Now there’s news that the writer will be leaving the title this summer. According to reports from C2E2 in Chicago, Coates’ final issue of Black Panther will debut in June with art from Daniel Acuna. Issue 25 of the series will be the culmination of Coates’ run which had the title character comes to terms with his role as ruler of Wakanda after spending an extended period of time in space as a slave to a galactic empire modeled after his home country.


It’s been reported that Coates’ take on the hero is what led former Disney CEO Bob Iger to greenlight the critically acclaimed and successful big screen adaptation from writer/director Ryan Coogler.

Coates’ departure will not be the end of his work with Marvel Comics though. He will still be writing Captain America for the publisher while he pursues other opportunities.

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