SUPERMAN_TOPCAT_1Superman/Top Cat #1

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Shane Davis

Inks by Michelle Delecki

Colors by Dean White, J Nanjan and Hi-Fi

Letters by Travis Lanham

In Centennial Park in Metropolis, a celebration of salad is going on. As people dig into the worst tasting superfood imaginable kale, a creature decides to get its revenge by attacking the guests from the inside out. When Superman arrives, a group of Hazmat workers for one of the world’s richest men are securing the scene and barring anyone from entering. When Superman hears that there is a tie to a local supermarket chain, he flies off.


Top Cat is working at said supermarket chain when the creature attacks and TC manages to hold his own until the man of steel arrives and drives the creature off. Both Superman and TC team up to travel to the private island of a billionaire who is cultivating alien plants for food and they need to find a way to stop him.

This is a fun issue with a relatively benign story with low stakes. I think everyone involved was having fun with the material and there is a funny, subversive element to the narrative regarding the rise of kale as something people should eat. It’s amusing that the kale creature even remarks on how bad it tastes by saying that it was a defense mechanism to keep humans from eating them. The back and forth between Superman and Top Cat was ok, but there never seemed to be much there between them to the point where you could have teamed TC with anyone and had the same story.

The art is great in the issue and all of the characters from Top Cat to Superman look really good. Hopefully the next time we see Top Cat in the DC universe, it’s in a comic that moves his story along.

Superman/Top Cat #1




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