Strange Academy: Finals #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Skottie Young

Art by Humberto Ramos

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Strange Academy’s Commencement Ceremony receives some unexpected guests.

The students and faculty of Strange Academy gather for a Commencement Ceremony to celebrate the progress they’ve made in their first year. There are some big surprises including the introduction of Doyle’s mom and the story of how he became the son of Dormammu. Unfortunately, Doyle’s father arrives as well and he is not alone.

Emily and the other students who left the school arrive to disrupt the ceremony and the teachers work to remove the bigger threat leaving Doyle and the others to deal with their classmates. As battle rages among the kids, Zelma will arrive with some unexpected reinforcements.

The Story: Young crafts a great story in this issue filled with action and surprises. I loved seeing the students come into their own and how Voodoo held back the others to allow them to solve their own interpersonal issues. There are some great dialogue moments between the characters and everything comes together both in rising tension and emotion to a fantastic surprise that both shocked me and made me smile.

The Art: Ramos delivers some beautifully detailed and visually thrilling art throughout the issue. The magical imagery is amazing and I love the visual style of this issue and series.

Strange Academy: Finals #5



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