More Stephen King adaptations are on the way after the last stories we filed about the adaptation of In the Tall Grass and casting for the remake of Pet Semetary.

According to a report on Deadline from the Cannes Film Festival, Brainstorm Media and Radiant Films are teaming up to adapt the Stephen King novella The Gingerbread Girl to the big screen.


The Gingerbread Girl was originally released in the July 2007 issue of Esquire and was added to the anthology novel Just After Sunset in 2008. The story is about a woman named Emily. After suffering a personal tragedy, she decides that the best thing she can do is run. Her love of running causes a strain in her marriage and she decides to spend some time alone at her father’s secluded beach house in Florida. She pushes her body to its physical limits as she enjoys the seclusion. The only other person on the island is a man named Pickering, who enjoys his seclusion as well, especially the time he spends with his “nieces”. When Emily makes the mistake of looking into the man’s driveway, she finds out that he is more dangerous than she could have imagined.


According to the Deadline report, director Craig R. Baxley has been attached to direct the film. Baxley has a long history with King having directed other King adaptations like Storm of the Century, Kingdom Hospital and Rose Red. King and Baxley are writing the screenplay. The film will be produced by Mitchell Galin, also a King alum, who produced the adaptations of Pet Semetary, The Stand, Thinner, The Night Flier, Creepshow 2, The Langoliers and Golden Years.

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