DC Universe

Season One Episode One


In the series premiere, the tragic end of the Justice Society of America will lead to the rise of a new generation of heroes led by Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl.


Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) who was the sidekick to the original Starman (Joel McHale) finds himself on the scene when a group of villains takes down the JSA and manages to escape with a dying Starman and the cosmic staff as the rest of the team is decimated. There is some great action in this first sequence and I love the fact that they use characters like Solomon Grundy, but bathe him in shadow to keep the focus on the suspense.


Years later, Pat has married Barbara Whitmore and moves the entire family, including his step-daughter Courtney to Nebraska. As Courtney gets used to a new school and all the cliche new school drama, she discovers Pat’s past as well as the cosmic staff which binds itself to her starting her heroes journey. Unfortunately, her use of the staff will draw the attention of the same forces that destroyed the JSA and some of them are right under her nose.


The first episode relies a lot on standard coming of age and teen drama tropes and those moments go on a little too long in the pilot. When the story starts to get moving, it ends too soon and loses its momentum. There does seem to be a subplot involving the town itself that is interesting and I would like to see explored. It’s not a bad episode, but there were too many cliche elements that kept it from being great.

Stargirl S01XE01




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