Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 2

Episodes 10-12


These three world building episodes are heavy in both character related content and intense action. I am impressed at the evolution of storytelling as the season progresses. It aligns closest to my favorite parts of the Clone Wars as this set of stories deal with both political and humanitarian issues. I enjoyed these tales immensely.

Run Time 29min

A continuation of Episode 9, The Bad Batch search for the stolen Marauder and encounter a youth in the service of a powerful mining boss. Their exploration then leads them on a dangerous trek through in an ipsium mine. This surprisingly mature adventure makes comparisons between the Empire and exploitive employers that use lies and the promise of rewards to enslave those they lead.

Run Time 30min

A crashed transport vehicle causes trouble for the Bad Batch, who are tasked to retrieve its cargo for a substantial fee. Meanwhile, a mysterious creature directly relates to the Empire’s acquisition of Kaminoan technology. Mistress Nala Se and a former Prime Minister make a cameo as the topics of cloning and Emperor Palpatine’s plans are discussed. I found this eerie episode thrilling; however, some scenes may be a bit too scary for very young viewers.

The Outpost
Run Time 31min

After being sent on a mission to a desolate outpost, Crosshair meets Clone Commander Mayday and the two form an unlikely bond. When the two set out to retrieve missing cargo, they make an unsettling discovery. I like how this episode speaks to the Empire’s treatment of the Clones in the aftermath of Order 66. I found this episode both heartbreaking and apropos. It’s an interesting choice to use Crosshair as the eyes and ears of active soldiers as he begins to understand the weight of his previous choices. I also think the ending scene provided a perfect introduction to the final set of episodes of the season.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S02XE10-12



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