Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 1, Episode 9

Bounty Lost

Official Description – The Batch embark on a rescue mission.

In the opener, The Batch are in a space battle with Crosshair. They then make the decision to jump to hyperspace. Later, the group discover the reason Omega is being pursued. Meanwhile, on Kamino, Prime Minister Lama Su reveals his plans for the girl.

Elsewhere, Omega wakes up in captivity on the planet Boro Vio, and has a brief conversation with her captor, Cad Bane. Later, she uses her wits to free herself, and searches for a way to contact her friends.

When Cad Bane goes to meet his employer, he is met with something surprising. He then discovers Fennec Shand is also on Boro Vio. A confrontation reveals the two are working for opposing groups. Throughout the episode, the two battle each other in their separate quests to retrieve Omega.

As Omega tries to avoid her captors, she makes an intriguing discovery. Eventually, she is able to make her way off planet, and the two bounty hunters go their separate ways. In the end, Fennec makes contact with someone unexpected.

I like how this episode focuses on Omega with little interruption from The Batch. It showcases her wit and intuition, and shows just how valuable a member of The Batch she may become. I continue to be impressed at the way this show is able to make a youth oriented episode appealing to mature audience.

This chapter also has some pretty interesting reveals. As well as fodder for Star Wars series speculation. I, for one, hope the Bad Batch will set the stage for future happenings in the upcoming “The Book of Boba Fett.” I really enjoyed the battle scene between two of my favorite Star Wars characters. Also, the political dynamics were quite intriguing.

Now, I have to address the elephant in the room. Learning more about Omega’s origins really makes me side-eye the character’s physical appearance. Since the show began, there has been a colorism controversy regarding The Bad Batch. And while the studio has been giving technical reasons for this issue, this episode may sew seeds of doubt in viewers minds. I hope the executive team for animation take these concerns into account in any future renderings.

Overall, this was a fun and engaging episode filled with excitement and drama. I can’t wait for more.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S01XE09



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