EFDEAAF4-B226-4E62-B376-84AC67E9DFA6Star Wars #45

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Salvador Larocca

Colors by Guru-eFX

In the second part of “Mutiny at Mon Cala”, the leaders of the Rebellion need to convince the leader of the Mon Calamari forces that they should be fighting against the Empire. A prospect that is further complicated after an attack by an Imperial patrol.

Han, Chewie and Luke make their way to the mess hall on Mako-Ta Base and Luke runs into an old friend; Wedge. At the Rebel High Council, Leia is frustrated and seeks advice from Akbar before being asked to give her report. In attendance are some more familiar faces from the Star Wars universe, specifically Rebels. As she lays out the failure to secure the fleet from Mon Cala, she also gives a specific plan for turning the government to their favor. While Mon Mothma thinks she is talking about a political assassination, Leia has a much more ambitious plan in mind.


Her plan consists of kidnapping the Moff assigned to the planet and using his bio-signature to enter a secret prison holding the king of the planet captive. There are a lot of steps in this plan that are worth reading and the ambitious nature of it requires an elite team to pull it off. As Han, Luke and Wedge talk about previous battles, they are joined by Hobbie and Zev for another drink. Hobbie’s hero-worship of Luke is fun to see and it adds an additional layer to their scenes in Empire. As the rebels begin the first part of their plan, Leia and Chewie’s find a way to enter the private prison and they find the person they are looking for. A person with another very familiar face.

I consistently enjoy the risks being taken in this book. While some of the panels are a little too familiar, the art in the book is really well done. I really enjoy these moments between the movies and these issues do a great job of showing the heroes we all know and love being the rebels that they had to be in order to survive. Expanding the universe and still telling good character stories are a staple of this book and I enjoy it immensely.

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