Star Trek Voyager Seven’s Reckoning #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Dave Baker

Art by Angel Hernandez

Colors by Ronda Pattison

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: Seven’s actions put her at odds with her crew, but could spark a real change.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Seven is returned to Voyager where the Doctor is able to repair the damage to her Borg implants. When she is finally awake, Janeway decides that she needs to have a talk with her wayward crewman and the two debate the merits of the Prime Directive in the face of what is happening to the Vesh on the alien ship.

After receiving orders to return to the ship and finish its repairs, Seven returns and sees how harsh the Vesh are being treated. Seeing no way to help them, especially Greeb, Seven can only complete her task and watch as Septa continues to abuse the Vesh and imposes a harsh sentence on Greeb in order to maintain control. But the failed rebellion might have had a bigger impact than Seven realized.

The Story: The finale of this issue and storyline boil down to mainly academic arguments about the ethics of the Prime Directive and how it is implemented. Both Janeway and Seven have compelling arguments, but all of the build up of the story amounts to little in its conclusion. I read it expecting something to happen and when it got to the final page, I thought there was more to come. I literally thought “That was it?” as I flipped through the ads expecting to see some sort of conclusion to this arc. It was disappointing that the story couldn’t seem to stick the landing.

The Art: Angel Hernandez does a great job with the art. As the story boiled down to characters talking, the detail in them was great, but there wasn’t much else going on in the issue.

Star Trek Voyager Seven's Reckoning #4



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