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Season One Episode Two

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The episode starts with the attack on Utopia Planitia with the introduction of the synthetic workforce and the event that led to the destruction of the fabled shipyard. The scene is included because the events have a direct connection to what is currently happening with Picard, Dahj and the killer Romulans who came after her.


The investigation into what happened begins in earnest when Laris and Zhaban discover that the security footage of the attack has been expertly altered. This leads Laris to introduce the new threat in this series. One that has a connection to the former Tal Shiar agents and adds an interesting aspect to Romulan culture that has never been explored before. It also allows for the sweet, sweet technobabble that I love about Star Trek.


As Picard appeals to Starfleet to give him a new command to track down Dahj’s twin sister, the young woman herself gets close to Romulan researcher Narek who is hiding his own secrets. Secrets that will connect the spy to the upper echelons of Starfleet and add a new conspiracy and story element that makes this episode and this series more interesting and engaging. I was actually blown away by the scene of Picard going to the Starfleet CNC for help and how she turned him away. There is no love lost between the organization and its most vocal former member and that scene solidifies the fact that this adventure will have higher stakes for all involved without the safety net of Starfleet behind them.


There are more references to Bruce Maddox in this episode and everything in the plot seems to be leading to Picard going against Starfleet to both protect Data’s daughter and stop a new Romulan threat. The story is great and is building on the momentum of the first episode with a dynamic plot filled with mystery and entertaining characters that make the series compelling. The actors playing Laris and Zheban are breakouts and I love their banter with and loyalty towards Picard.


Star Trek Picard S01XE02




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