Star Trek: Defiant #5

IDW Publishing

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Worf continues to battle his injuries while Spock and Lore race to the Defiant with a dangerous discovery.

Spock and Lore barely survive an assassination attempt as they attempt to find a scientist that is working for Kahless. Instead, they discover something much worse about the weapon they are facing. At the same time, Worf continues to recover from his injuries, but the medication he is using is becoming addictive and he and the others want the Orion to find a way to counter those properties.

On the Defiant, Sela tells the others about the missing Romulan ships and their capabilities as she offers to join them on their mission for her own ends. Spock and Lore return and the ship is too late to prevent another disaster while Worf must decide whether or not to contact Sisko.

The Story: Cantwell delivers an entertaining issue filled with great rising tension. The story continues to be compelling and engaging as each character that comes on has a different and interesting personal agenda that is being revealed within the story. I liked seeing Sela take a more active role and Spock as mentor continues to be one of the highlights of the series. The story does a great job of raising the stakes in the story as well and making me look forward to Day of Blood.

The Art: Unzueta delivers some great art in the issue. The plot of this issue is more character focused so the art does a great job of showing the emotion of the characters.

Star Trek: Defiant #5



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