Star Trek #21

IDW Publishing

Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by Megan Levens

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The crew of the Theseus stand before some of the most powerful beings in the universe.

The Theseus has shattered the boundaries of reality and find themselves among familiar beings including Bright Eyes, the Caretaker, Trelane and the Guardian of Forever. Their incursion attracts the ire of Aegis and their representative Kore Soong.

As T’Lir attempts to appeal to the beings present for the return of his people, Beverly goes looking for her son Wesley among the Aegis headquarters. Sisko appeals to the group as well by invoking the name of the Prophets and will discover that there is something dark coming for him that is close to home.

The Story: Kelly and Lanzing craft an intense, cerebral journey through the history of Trek in this issue. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane for fans of Star Trek and the missions that brought them before beings that could not be categorized or easily understood. There are some interesting stakes throughout this issue for everyone involved and as broad and big as the story is getting, it remains grounded in the characters and their motivations. I really enjoyed the end of this issue and the conflict it sets up to come for Sisko.

The Art: Levens delivers beautiful art in the issue. The visuals are vibrant and wonderfully detailed. I really loved the environments and how they brought back great Star Trek memories.

Star Trek #21



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