Soul City


Episodes 1-3

Soul City is an anthology series that takes place in New Orleans. Each episode is fifteen minutes long and looks at a different aspect of psychological horror and how those horrors manifest in the characters.



A little girl must deal with the loss of her mother and fins comfort in a music box her mother left her. At the same time, she is being raised by a woman who’s psychological and emotional abuse unlocks a hidden power in the girl that will make her problem disappear.

An interesting story that is filled with equally interesting themes of abuse. The acting is well done, but the story itself needed more time to develop on its themes and characters.

Pillow Shop

A man having trouble finding a decent nights sleep finds himself at a shop where a custom made pillow will not only allow him to sleep, but also unlock a world of pleasure that rejuvenates him in the real world. As he finds himself with more energy and passion for his wife, he fails to see the growing number of people in the city suddenly dying in their sleep.

The story is the weakest of the trio and doesn’t really develop. The premise is interesting, but its main antagonist lacks menace, motivation or even context.

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Give Man

A man’s desire for riches will bring him to the Give Man, an entity who will grant his request at a price. Rich and successful, the payment for the request will come due and it will be the man’s son who has to pay it.

The best of the three stories, Give Man has a great premise, interesting characters and a plot that is well developed. It’s a solid story that not only has an emotional core, but does a great job of showcasing the city itself.


Soul City




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