The live action series based on the Microsoft video game series HALO has been in development for years and has just hit a setback.

According to Deadline, Showtime’s adaptation of HALO is going to be looking for a new director and executive producer. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) will be exiting the Showtime series due to scheduling conflicts.


“Showtime’s adaptation of Halo is evolving beautifully with rich characters, compelling stories and powerful scripts,” said Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks in a statement. “Obviously, the production demands of this series are enormous, and we have had to add time to the schedule in order to do it right. Sadly, this delay has created a conflict for Rupert, whom we warmly thank for all he has brought to the project.”

This is a pretty significant development for the series which has been in development since 2013. Wyatt released a statement regarding his departure.


“It’s with great disappointment that changes to the production schedule of Halo prevent me from continuing in my role as a director on the series,” said Wyatt. “My time on Halo has been a creatively rich and rewarding experience with a phenomenal team of people. I now join the legion of fans out there, excited to see the finished series and wishing everyone involved the very best.”

Production on the HALO series is still expected to begin early 2019.

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