Stephen King adaptations are coming and as a fan, I love getting news about any of them. Today I got news that another King adaptation is closer to coming to the screen.


With the announcement of a release date for the sequel to The Shining titled Doctor Sleep, production and casting news should begin to roll in pretty soon.


Doctor Sleep finds an adult Danny Torrance dealing with life after the events at The Overlook Hotel. After spending years drinking to forget the trauma of his life and not using his gift, Danny finds a new purpose as an orderly at an assisted living facility, helping those near death to cross over. When a young girl with a Shine more powerful than anyone has ever seen starts to communicate with Dan, he discovers another purpose and a supernatural threat that’s been roaming the country for decades and now wants the girl for their own reasons.

Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game) is tapped to direct the film which is scheduled to be released January 24, 2020.


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