Shang-Chi #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Marcus To

Colors by Erick Arciniega

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Shang-Chi’s family issues conflict with his desire to do the right thing.

Takeshi is confronted with one of the creatures sent by Shang-Chi’s grandfather to kill him and all of his siblings. Shang-Chi and the others arrive to rescue him, but the creature was able to get enough of Takeshi’s blood to clone himself and their problems increase three-fold. At the same time, Shang-Chi’s estranged sister Zheng Shi-Hua finds her self-imposed exile interrupted by Xin who wants her as dead as her brother.

Zheng Shi-Hua fights for her life, but it might not be enough and Shang discovers that he can feel what happened to his sister. Something that will prompt him to break his word and help his brother escape to keep him safe. After returning to base, Shang and the others find a way to Ta Lo and enter together to stop Shang’s grandfather, but the legacy of their father could make the trip more dangerous than they imagined.

The Story: Gene Luen Yang continues to craft a complicated and compelling story for Shang-Chi in this arc. The family drama continues to be interesting and the action is thrilling and entertaining throughout. The plot is dense and wonderfully balanced with drama and humor. I love this series and its interpersonal complications. I cannot wait to see where it goes next.

The Art: Marcus To delivers some stunning art on every page of the issue. The style is perfect for both the characters and the thrilling action.

Shang-Chi #10



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