Shadow War Omega #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Steven Segovia, Mike Henderson, Howard Porter

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Batman and his team face off against Geo-Force.

The history of Brion Markov and the fall of his country is explored. In the present, Geo-Force confronts Batman and a disparate group of enemies in Nepal. Soon, a high intensity escape attempt leads to bloodshed and a final showdown between Geo-Force and the Al-Ghul family. In the end, justice is issued, and an old enemy reappears.

The Story: The interesting and well-crafted narrative serves as a bridge between the end of the Shadow Wars and the beginning of the Dark Crisis. I enjoyed the action-packed imagery and dialogue given. However, I was most impressed by the relationship world building between Batman, Talia, and Damian. Their family dynamic is fascinating to watch, especially as Damian grows in maturity. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of their arc, and I can’t wait to see more of their activities. Finally, the dynamic epilogue is both jaw-dropping and filled with promise. It will make readers look forward to the next upcoming crossover event.

The Art: This well-crafted issue is filled with intense action scenes. The focus on detailed imagery is eye-catching and transformative. I was especially struck by the care taken in the final pages to elicit a deep emotional response.

Shadow War Omega #1



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