Image Comics

Written by Tina Horn

Art by Michael Dowling

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: In the near future, an American society run by an ultra-conservative political party will do everything it can to regulate and control all aspects of social life and will squash all opposition in the process.


The Dirty Mind was a secret, underground club where everyone was free to explore their sexuality in and environment with no judgement. Avory remembers those times fondly, the pleasure to be had and the woman who made it all possible. She also remembers the raid that ended it all. She barely escaped and the site is transformed into another location the Party uses to audit and control the sexual lives of the population.

When Avory’s husband George discovers something he shouldn’t have, his disappearance will prompt Avory to return to her past to find a way to rescue her husband.

The Story: Tina Horn has created a new and interesting world with this first issue. The plot moves smoothly and the pace is driven by the strength of the characters. The characters themselves are well defined and interesting as well. Avory and her journey is engaging to the reader. One of the best things about this story is that you feel a part of it through the dialogue. The Party is sufficiently ominous and mysterious in its actions and motivations and the protagonists are multi-dimensional.

The Art: Michael Dowling delivers some beautiful art in this first issue. All of the characters look amazing and Dowling does a great job of bringing out emotion and tension in the art.





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