Second Coming #6

Ahoy Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk

Colors by Andy Troy

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Sunstar is preparing for his upcoming wedding, Jesus is gathering new followers, Sheila has a secret and Satan has a plan for the end of the world.


Sunstar lets everyone at his support group know that he is getting married, but the fact that one of his enemies is on the loose gives him pause about leaving for two weeks. As a means of compromise, Sunstar decides to take out Dr Simius quickly right before the wedding.

At the same time, Jesus’ journey through his past leads him to another confrontation and temptation from Satan. When the Son of God decides to have some people over to the apartment he shares with Sunstar, Satan arrives to force Jesus to make a choice that will compromise everything he believes. With Sunstar gone, Jesus is at the mercy of Satan and his minions.

The Story: Equal parts fun and thought-provoking, this issue not only has some great character moments for Sunstar and Sheila, but Russell takes the time to dig into religion and the concept of faith in a way that is both engaging and entertaining. Russell takes some high concepts and presents them in a way that are relatable to the reader. This is a fun issue that has some interesting highs and lows in its plot. I’m interested in seeing where this story goes next considering the finale of this issue.

The Art: Pace and Kirk deliver some great art in this issue. The characters look great and the contrast in styles between the past and present are perfectly executed. A great looking issue.

Second Coming #6




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