Save Yourself #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Bones Leopard

Art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Gigi will discover the deep dark secret of the world’s greatest heroes.

Five years ago, a ship landed on Earth and after the initial fears of invasion, the three women who emerged from the ship showed the world that they are here to help. Between fighting alien threats, the women quickly became popular as social media stars and celebrities. Gigi is a huge fan and on her way in to help out at work, she runs into an interesting person who leaves behind something even more interesting. After being pushed back out into the world, Gigi discovers that the Lovely Trio is fighting in her area and rushes to check it out.

What she discovers will check everything she thought she knew about the heroes when her being too close to the battle reveals the way the “heroes” keep themselves strong. A secret that will put her life in danger. As one of the Trio targets Gigi for her next meal, the creature they were fighting steps in and saves her only to reveal its name as Mia and that they are the person Gigi met earlier that day. The revelation snowballs as more things are revealed and an injured Mia needs Gigi’s help again.

The Story: Bones Leopard crafts an interesting and entertaining story in this first issue. Gigi is an interesting and engaging character full of charm and the rest of the characters are entertaining as well. The plot has some great elements and dialogue throughout with some even better twists that speak to things like the cult of celebrity and altered perceptions. The budding romance in the story is sweet and it will be interesting to see what direction this interesting new world takes as the story develops.

The Art: Kelly and Nichole Matthews bring vibrant, colorful energy to the art in this issue. The visuals are fun and intimate with an emphasis on character.

Save Yourself #1



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