726224._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Savage Dragon #241

Image ComicsĀ 

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Letters by Ferran Delgado

Colors by Nikos Koutsis

Flats by Mike Toris

Regrets and recriminations are under the tree in this holiday issue.


The aftermath of Norm Spiegelmen exploding in Malcolm’s apartment continues as Dragon has to take down one of the late inventor’s final creations. After giving the mangled sex doll some new data to process, one of the police officers tells Malcolm that he needs to see the footage of Maxine’s attack before they delete it. It’s a weird moment that will have consequences for everyone going forward. I question why Malcolm would make the decision to view the footage and when Maxine discovers that he did, it causes some major tension between the couple and rightfully so.

On the home front things get even weirder as Angel wants to tell Jackson she’s his mother as well as give Maxine a warning about being willing to move in on Malcolm if she doesn’t start appreciating him. It’s another complication to Malcolm and Maxine’s already complicated marriage. Coupled with the problems in Dragon’s personal life, he’s brought in to help the police when a golden era superhero decides to take over a research lab.

Larsen is really good at juggling Malcolm’s complicated worlds and making this issue about the consequences of the demonoid invasion is great. It gives the characters more dimension and life when the events that are affecting them personally don’t get glossed over and forgotten about in the next issue. It makes it more interesting to see how Malcolm and Maxine will navigate the evolution of their marriage and relationship and how those changes will affect the lives of their children.

The art also captures the tone of the story brilliantly. I love the contrast in styles between Malcolm’s modern world and Tootsie’s presence in it. It’s stark and reminds readers that this is a clash of different eras and ideologies. A fun issue that is engaging in both its visuals and story.

Savage Dragon #241




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