The former director of SHIELD and Marvel Cinematic Universe super spy Nick Fury is returning for a new series on streaming service Disney Plus.

According to an exclusive in Variety, Samuel L Jackson will be reprising the role he made famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a new series to launch on Disney Plus.

Kyle Bradstreet has been tapped to write and produce the series from Marvel Studios. Details of the series are currently unknown. Jackson first appeared as the Shield Director in the after credits scene of 2008’s Iron Man and made subsequent appearances afterward as he recruited new members for the Avengers Initiative. Fury made appearances on the television spinoff Marvel’s Agents of Shield and was last seen upending Peter Parker’s summer vacation for a mission in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Kyle Bradstreet’s credits include Borgia, Berlin Station and Copper. He was also a writer and producer on the Emmy winning series Mr. Robot.

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