Actors Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool 2) and John Krasinski (Jack Ryan) are in negotiations to star in a new film for Paramount Pictures.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stars are in talks to star opposite each other in the fantasy comedy Imaginary Friends which was recently the subject of a bidding war between Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate and others. If the deal goes through, Reynolds will produce and star as a man who can see and talk to other people’s imaginary friends, befriending those who have been lost or discarded. Some imaginary friends, who do not receive love and friendship, turn to the dark side and it is up to Reynolds’ character to save the world from evil imaginary friends.

John Krasinski’s role in the film is unknown at this time, but he is also in negotiations to star, produce, write and direct the film. Reynolds next projects include the upcoming Michael Bay action flick 6 Underground, Fox/Disney’s adventure comedy Free Guy and an upcoming musical comedy interpretation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with him and Will Farrell starring. Krasinski is currently in post-production on the sequel to his massive hit horror film A Quiet Place, which is scheduled for release March 20, 2020.

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