Rorschach #7

DC Black Label

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Detective meets with Frank Miller and learns of his history with Wil Myerson.

Following a lead, The Detective goes to the home of a man dressed as Rorschach. He is a comic book writer named Frank Miller and has an interesting connection with Wil Myerson. Frank then recounts a very unusual incident surrounding his first introduction to Will involving another well known writer. This incident is the subject of another meeting between the two, many years later, that includes Laura Cummings. When Frank finishes his story, he invites the detective to listen to a recording made during the trio’s meeting, and something unexpected is revealed.

The Story: Tom King places the reader in the role of The Detective as Frank recounts his tale virtually uninterrupted. This singular recount accurately simulates the interview process as the reader must dissect the contents of the subject’s often superfluous narrative. Unfortunately, I felt it made for a cumbersome read, and I found myself going over several portions of the story more than once to understand the relevant events taking place. However, there are some interesting reveals and an exciting cameo that would easily make for a new series that plays off this run.

The Art: Jorge Fornes uses a traditional comic book style that is very detailed and expressive. Muted colors including greens and red-orange really set the tone as the reader transitions from past to present. It is a technique that transports the reader and makes the issue feel like watching an old-school detective movie. I felt the images were very well done and engaging.

Rorschach #7



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