Rorschach #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The investigation into the potential assassins continues.

The detective continues his investigation into the two deceased would be assassins and his first trip is to the home of the man in the Rorschach costume, Myerson. After visiting the apartment of the comic book artist and recluse, he begins to piece together clues about the man’s life in his solitary apartment by talking to his neighbors.

After discovering a connection to one of the tenants in particular, the detective learns more about the man’s day to day existence and how events that happened to him in the building might have contritbuted to his change in behavior.

The Story: Watchmen changed the landscape of comics in a lot of ways when it was first published. It created a world of rich characters in interesting surroundings while commenting on the conventions of comics themselves. Two issues into Tom King’s Rorschach series I struggle to find what this series is trying to say. There are advantages to a slow burn in comics, but this issue is a slog that teeters into banality. It’s boring in its premise, its characters and its plot.

There is not one character, moment or plot point to hold on to. A guy gets bullied in the most tedious way and snaps? So what. Why should I care about this character or this world when everything and everyone in it is so one-dimensional? As interesting as the character of Rorschach is, I struggle to find something in this issue to make me want to see what happens next.

The Art: Jorge Fornes makes the issue look good. I like the contrast between the past and present delivered by Dave Stewart’s colors and Fornes has some great details in the backgrounds.

Rorschach #2



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