Robin #8

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Willaimson

Art by Gleb Melnikov & Max Dunbar

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by ALW’s Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Robin faces off against Hawke in the final battle of the Lazarus tournament.

In the Lazarus Pit, Mother Soul’s warriors notice something unusual. Meanwhile, Robin and Hawke begin the final round of the tournament and an epic battle between the two commences. During the fight, Robin reveals his intentions. Afterwards, a winner is announced, and an alliance is formed. Finally, Mother Soul unleashes a powerful enemy.

The Story: In this issue, Williamson crafts an action-packed thriller. The battle between Hawke and Robin has been heavily anticipated, and it does not disappoint. There are some interesting acknowledgements in this episode. Including a heartbreaking one from Robin as he confesses a reason for his tournament participation. I was really intrigued by the cliff hanger ending and I am interested in seeing what will happen next with this plotline.

The Art: The illustrations in this chapter feature detailed drawings with an emphasis on character expression and form. The color palette and bold designs perfectly match the tone of the story. And I found that these elements enhanced the intensity of the perfectly executed action-oriented panels.

Robin #8



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