Robin #3

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Gleb Menikov

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters by ALW’s Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Damian Wayne interacts with his fellow competitors in the Lazarus Tournament.

Ravager brings Robin to a party. While he begins to make friends, he also learns how Batman is viewed outside of his social circle. Later, he meets with Connor Hawke and the two have an interesting conversation. Afterwards, they are interrupted by and unexpected group, and a deadly confrontation occurs. Then, someone surprising comes to Robin’s aid.

The Story: Williamson adds another compelling chapter to this series. Although I am excited to find out what the League of Shadows has planned for its contestants, I am most interested in Damian’s evolution. Until this point, he has had a very narrow perspective on humanity, and his place in the world. Its nice to see Damian being challenged on everything he believes. Hopefully, this series will make him a more relatable and humble character.

The Art: The artwork in this issue is eye-catching. The bold colors and detailed drawings perfectly capture the story’s tone. I was completely engaged throughout the episode.

Robin #3



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