Rain #1

Image Comics

Written by Joe Hill and David M. Booher

Art by Zoe Thorogood

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: In one brief moment, Honeysuckle’s world will change forever.

Honeysuckle prepares for her life to change because the woman she loves is moving to Boulder to live with her. As she thinks back to the life she’s been building with Yolanda Rusted, she is excited about their future. Unfortunately, life will have other plans for Honeysuckle and the people of her neighborhood.

As she makes her way home expecting Yolanda and her parents to arrive with Yolanda’s things, she sees the people in her neighborhood including those that will be gone and those that will survive. When Yolanda and her mother finally arrive on the scene, Honeysuckle’s life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious rain falls on the world taking the lives of anyone who happens to be caught in it including the woman that she loves.

The Story: Hill and Booher deliver a great first issue. The story is compelling. The characters are interesting and engaging. The plot is intriguing both in its focus and its narrative. I love having Honeysuckle as the narrator because she adds layers to the story while making it deeply personal. I am anxious to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Thorogood delivers some exciting and beautifully character focused visuals to the issue. The art is grounded and wonderfully detailed both in its characters and its subsequent horror-filled moments.

Rain #1



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