Radiant Black #5

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins and Cherish Chen

Art by Darko Lafuente

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: One of the Radiant’s back story is revealed and sheds new light on a previous villain.

Satomi is leading what could be considered a perfect life. She has a family that she loves and is moving forward both in her education and her relationship with her fiancé Owen. After a family dinner, the couple returns home and Owen does his best to convince Satomi that he has a plan for their future. Unfortunately, his past and his habits come back to bite them both.

After discovering that Owen has gone back to his old habits, Satomi discovers a strange object. One that will give her the power to change her life forever.

The Story: Higgins steps away from the regular arc in this issue to concentrate on the backstory of what was the main antagonist of the series. Satomi’s story is incredibly interesting and has some intriguing narrative parallels to Nathan’s. Her story is compelling, often sad and thrilling. One of the things that resonates with this story and these characters is the parallels to the reality of many people at that age and during this time. The lack of direction and desperation is palpable throughout this series and this issue highlights many of those sentiments really well in Satomi’s story.

The Art: Lafuente does a great job of contrasting the art and style in the moments where the story is meant to be emotional versus when it’s supposed to be thrilling. All of the soft tones of the opening pages are brilliant and how they change with the harshness of the situation is a great touch.

Radiant Black #5



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