Fimbul, the Norse Comic Action-Adventure from publisher EuroVideo and developer Zaxis Games, cleaves through darkness and frost onto PlayStation 4 and PC November 29. A Switch release is planned for early 2019.

After being struck down defending his home, an old berserker named Kveldulver is revived by the sisters of fate to prevent Ragnarök. Chosen by the gods, Kveldulver fights his way through vikings, wolves, and the Jotun, a race of fearsome trolls.
Meet new friends, learn new skills, and wield a variety of weapons in the comic-book style frozen land. Branching paths take Kveldulver through different outcomes, but the “Lifestring” mechanic empowers him to go back and experience what could have been. Fimbul’s intuitive combat means it’s easy to jump in, but hard to master.

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