Phoenix Song: Echo #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Rebecca Roanhorse

Art by Luca Maresca and Kyle Charles

Colors by Carlos Lope and Bryan Valenza

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Maya’s new friend has a dark and tragic past that will lead to tragedy for her.

The truth of River’s tragic past is revealed as he tells of the death of his parents and the introduction of a creature that would haunt his nights. A creature that would come disguised as his dead mother to torture him emotionally. A creature who wanted something from him. A creature who was able to return to the world at the moment of River’s tragedy and offer him something the little boy desperately wants. All it wants is the power someone will bring his way in the future.

In the present, the entity waits for Maya at River’s home. Waits and plans for how it will kill her and take the Phoenix force for its own. As the creature prepares to attack, River escapes with Echo to the past. A trip that will bring Maya face to face with tragedy. One that will alter Maya’s future and force her into the past to fix things.

The Story: Roanhorse crafts an entertaining and powerful story in this issue. Maya’s journey is interesting enough, but the story gives a compelling story for River as well. Their shared experiences make for some great drama and the creature stalking them is scary. I am interested in seeing where this story goes next and when.

The Art: Both artists deliver some fantastic visuals in this issue. There are some truly disturbing images throughout that amplify the nightmare the character is going through. The action is fantastic and the art perfectly captures the tone of the story.

Phoenix Song: Echo #2



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