598135._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Phoenix Resurrection #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Leinil Francis Yu and Joe Bennett

Inks by Gerry Alanguilan and Belardino Brabo

This is it. This is the moment when the worlds of Jean Grey and the Phoenix collide in a way that either brings destruction or rebirth to the character. The door to Annie’s diner rings and Old Man Logan steps up to the counter and orders a cup of coffee like any patron. Jean pours it, not knowing the man but having the feeling that she should and he tries to convince her of the truth by taking a dramatic step involving his adamantium claws and Jean’s boss. The act prompts a violent response from both Jean and the Phoenix force, shattering the final illusion holding Jean to that place.


Logan is thrown back to the group of X-Men gathered outside and Jean emerges, fused with the Phoenix force again and greets her friends. As they reluctantly prepare for what might be the fight of their lives, Phoenix is released from Jean’s body and the real battle begins. As Phoenix is forced out, the entity brings back the people and places of Jean’s past to try to convince her to rejoin with it. That together they can reshape the world however they want. When Phoenix tries one last desperate gamble to connect with Jean again, Jean shows that she is stronger than they all remember and the two have a final reckoning that is worth the read.

Jean Grey’s journey has always been an interesting one for those that have followed it. Her emergence as the Phoenix and the connection she shared with the entity was always one that was both tenuous and tragic. It’s a deft move on the part of the writer to weave a little “sympathy for the devil” into this storyline, but there is a tragic ending in this for both Jean and Phoenix and it’s an ending that needed to happen for both. What this means going forward is anyone’s guess, but the uncertainty of for both Jean and Phoenix is compelling.

The artwork is beautiful to witness and the character details are well done by both artists. Even the shift in styles is done well and doesn’t distract from the story in the slightest. In fact, both art styles enhance the part of the story that is being told. The clean sharp lines that are part of the Phoenix emergence and the softer, smoother tones of Jean’s ascendance work well together and help to deliver a visually stunning conclusion that has some great emotional depth.

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