BB4ED52C-EB22-4257-9FBD-2A417BCF4191Phoenix Resurrection #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Carlos Pacheco

Inks by Rafael Fonteriz

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

A young woman named Jean is having trouble sleeping. As she attempts to sleep, she can’t stop talking to herself as well as having the objects in her room begin to levitate and crash when she wakes up afraid. As she gets herself ready to get to work the next morning, she runs into the local boy Jamie mowing the lawn. As she gets into her car to go to work, she completely misses the fact that this young man is someone we all should recognize.


Back at the Xavier Institute, Kitty meets with members of the various teams including Old Man Logan, Cable, Cyclops and Beast. As they dance around the obvious, Logan speaks up and says what they’re all thinking; Phoenix has returned. While many of them, including Storm think Jean has returned, I like the fact that Logan is pragmatic and lets them know it might not be Jean at all, just the Phoenix entity that inhabited her. One of the by-products of the phenomenon is that all of the psychics that have at their disposal are either missing or injured, save for one.

Back at the restaurant, Jean finds herself serving a mystery man who seems to know who she is. A man who identifies himself only as Erik, an old friend of her former teacher. Meanwhile, Cable tries to access Cerebro to track the signals that led them around the world last time, but the attempt does not go as planned. Kitty decides to break up the remaining X-Men into new teams to both track down the Phoenix and find the missing psychics. While everyone else seems to come up empty, Iceman and his team run into an old enemy that doesn’t seem to know where he is or what he’s doing even as he’s taking them down.

The mystery continues in this issue as old faces continue to pop up in Jean’s life and the X-Men continue to battle threats they’ve ended before. I’m enjoying the call backs to the X-Men’s past and there are some subtle references that should make fans happy. What I find the most interesting is the world around Jean. It’s a mystery I want to know more about. Where and or when is Jean? The separation between herself and the hunt for the Phoenix is adding some great tension to the book and I find myself intrigued as to what this team is going to do next.

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