Origins #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Arash Amel, Lee Krieger, Joseph Oxford and Clay Mcleod Chapman

Art by Jakub Rebelka

Colors by Patricio Delpeche

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Chloe continues her mission to keep David safe, but wonders if there is more to her than her mission.

Chloe has been raising David since he was a baby, but once he gets older, he begins to question his life and both who and what Chloe actually is. These are the things she remembers as she rescues him from the water after they are attacked. After dragging him to shore and bringing him back to life, they are surrounded by a group of androids who have a keen interest in the last human on Earth.

After treating the man, David finds himself surrounded by androids who were designed to serve humanity and have had the opportunity to fulfill their functions in over a century. It is overwhelming for David while Chloe looks at their reaction to him and questions what her purpose really is. When David tries to explain to her how he feels, they are interrupted by a devastating attack.

The Story: There is some great drama and character development throughout this issue. The dynamic between David and Chloe is full of complexity and that keeps me interested in both their history and their relationship. The outside protagonists remain a mystery and that is engaging as well. I enjoy seeing how this story unfolds.

The Art: Jakub Rebelka delivers some interesting and highly stylized visuals throughout the issue. There are some great emotional moments brought to life in the art and I continue to be interested in where the story goes next.

Origins #3



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