Once & Future #28

BOOM! Studios

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Dan Mora

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: It’s time to bring the Arthurs down, but one of the group will face a dark reckoning.

Mary decides to return to her role as Nimue and make a trip to the lake for a specific item. After returning to Arthur’s castle, she present Excalibur to the king and his Merlin and learns exactly who Merlin is along with his connection to his king. After leaving the celebration, she returns to her mother to begin the next part of their plan.

After releasing Lear and slowing down the progress of the war, Bridgette and Duncan split off from the group in order to begin the next phase. Unfortunately, they find themselves in a timeslip. A timeslip that will bring about a promise made and a battle that might be the end of Rose.

The Story: Gillen crafts a dark, emotional and thrilling story in this issue. There is a lot going on in the story, but Gillen keeps everything both intense and compelling for the reader as the events continue to get bigger, more daring and inventive throughout. I love the direction this story is taking and how it can still create new and interesting moments while also serving up some great surprises that will shock you.

The Art: Dan Mora is a first class visual talent that has created some impossibly gorgeous imagery throughout this issue. The imagery is lush, beautiful and filled with details that draw the eye and the imagination.

Once & Future #28



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