No One #1

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins and Brian Buccellato

Art by Geraldo Borges

Colors by Mark Englert

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: A police officer in the middle of a scandal investigates a series of murders that hit close to home.

A body is discovered and identified as the rich target of a data leak by a vigilante calling himself No/One. The detectives on the scene label it a copycat because the believe the real killer is in custody. Unfortunately, another detective comes on the scene with a connection to the case and the killer himself.

At the same time, a reporter is asked to begin chronicling the case as it continues to grow and the detective connected to the events finds himself the victim of the copycat and an unexpected rescue from someone who shouldn’t exist.

The Story: Higgins and Buccellato craft and engaging and entertaining first issue that creates a wonderful narrative world for its characters while also creating interesting characters to follow and interesting relationships to explore. There are some complicated dynamics going on between characters, but all of them are engaging. I felt immersed in the world of these characters and their struggles and I look forward to seeing where this intriguing mystery goes next.

The Art: Borges crafts some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. I love the mixture of superhero moments from rooftops paired with detective noir moments and how they blend together visually.

No One #1



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