Night of the Ghoul #2

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Colors by Francesco Francavilla

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Innman learns more about the conspiracy surrounding the film and his son discovers a dark secret.

As the film continues, the events within it mirror real life as it chronicles how the ghoul made its way back to the United States. Something is different about Kurt and his friend Johnny doesn’t realize it as the soldiers disembark and are greeted by their waiting families. As Kurt virtually ignores his waiting son, there is talk on board about several of the bodies being eaten on board the ship. Kurt’s son overhears the conversation and is interrupted by his dad who is ready to go home.

Back in the present, Innman continues to grill Merritt about the film and its history. Merritt also confirms that the film was his way of telling the story of what happened to his father. He also reveals that the accident that separated him from the film was accident and that there was a sinister reason why the film was never released. At the same time, Innman’s son discovers a dark secret at the heart of the nursing home. One that will put them all at risk.

The Story: Snyder delivers some brilliant suspense throughout this issue. There is a wonderful build up throughout the story as each story from both the film and real life build on each other from moment to moment. Each part of the plot builds on the suspense and tension of the other and they blend into an intense and terrifying experience. A truly impressive story that has hooked me.

The Art: I am in love with the classic look and feel of this comic. The art is so classic in style, but also timeless and is visually engaging. There are some beautiful visual touches to be found on every page.

Night of the Ghoul #2



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