The surprise sleeper hit horror film The Witch opened in 2015 and catapulted both the director and star to the forefront. Now they are poised to reteam to remake a horror classic.


According to Entertainment Weekly and Indiewire, director Robert Eggers is teaming with actress Anya Taylor-Joy to remake the F. W. Murnau classic horror film Nosferatu. The 1922 silent film based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker was revolutionary at the time in its use of effects and its cinematography. The film has inspired several horror filmmakers over the years and it continues to be popular. It will be interesting to see if Eggers can employ the same moody atmosphere that he created in The Witch to the Nosferatu remake.


Eggers commented on the project to Indiewire stating; “Nosferatu has a very close, magical connection for me. Though if I were to make the movie 17-year-old Rob was going to make of Nosferatu, it would have been something between like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sin City, whereas this is going to be the same approach as The Witch, where 1830s Biedermeier Baltic Germany needs to be articulated in a way that seems real.”

Anya Taylor-Joy was recently featured in the M.Night Shyamalan film Split and is currently filming the X-Men universe film New Mutants. She will be playing the role of Ilyana Rasputin / Magick. New Mutants is written and directed by Josh Boone and scheduled to be released in 2018.

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