New Challengers #3

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie

Art by Andy Kubert and V Ken Marion

Inks by Klaus Janson and Sandu Florea

Colors by Brad Anderson and Dinei Ribeiro

Letters by Deron Bennett

Worlds collide as the New Challengers find themselves face to face with the Challengers of the Unknown. As they survey the body of Prof, the tension between the two teams boil over and a fight begins. One that the Challengers were not prepared for from this new team of possible heroes. What makes the scene work is that we’re given some back story on one of the characters and that narrative informs the characters decisions in the presence. It also adds dimension to characters that we haven’t really gotten time to know at this point.


With a new mission looming, the New Challengers find themselves being transported to find another item. The original Challengers are tied to Challenger Mountain and unable to leave, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t face their own peril as the mystery widens.

As a fan of the characters and many of the original Challengers of the Unknown stories, I found myself interested in where this story was going and how two teams would and could exist in this particular story. I think there is a challenge (no pun intended) in this story for the casual or first time reader. There are some missing elements in the plot that make it hard for a new reader to follow the story. I enjoyed the fact that the issue was bookended by vignettes of one of the character’s past. Hopefully, we get more of those in order to find some emotional connection to these characters who seem to be thrown from scenario to scenario.

The artwork is amazing from Kubert and Marion. I love the details in pretty much every panel and there are some great detailed panels when the team arrives in a savage land populated by dinosaurs. The features in those pages are amazing and a testament to great visual storytelling.


New Challengers #3




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