murder-falcon-2_c9134522a1Murder Falcon #2

Image Comics

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Russ Wooton and Daniel Warren Johnson

Murf and Jake are practicing at Jake’s place when there is a news report tells of monsters attacking nearby. Jake is still unsure of his skills and his place but he goes along and gives it his all. The fights are getting tougher for Muder Falcon, but the next piece of the puzzle presents itself when Jake’s former bassist emerges from the coffee shop he’s working at across the street and the next part of their journey begins.


Murf tells the pair that in order for Johann to join them he needs to find a special bass. When their quest takes them to a music store with a secret, the trio must face a test in order to claim what they need. A test that will bring up the event that broke up Jake’s band as well as call forth a force that determined to stop Jake’s quest for good.

Murder Falcon continues to be an incredibly fun ride and Johnson obviously has a love of metal music and culture which manifest in the plot and how the characters interact with each other. Murf is a fun character that definitely has a past that we haven’t explored yet and his friendship with Jake seems layered and interesting. Jake’s journey is being explored more as well and it helps to make him a grounded and more interesting character.

The art is a great contrast to some of the more heavy, emotional parts of the story. Johnson manages to keep the art light and fun as he tells a story that has some intriguing emotional beats. Definitely interested in seeing where this goes.

Murder Falcon #2




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