Ms. Marvel

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 4

Seeing Red

Kamala travels around the world to solve the mystery of the bangle and her family’s history.

Kamala and her mother are on their way to Pakistan and find themselves dealing with their tension while on the plane. When they finally arrive, Kamala meets with her grandmother and there is a fun moment where we see Sani and Muneeba play out a universal mother/daughter dynamic that is both tense and fun.

Kamala finds gets some time with her grandmother and learns a lot about her family’s past while also having more questions. Kamala ventures out into Karachi and there are some wonderful shots of the city where you feel immersed in the culture and atmosphere. Kamala finds herself clashing with a unknown assailant who seems to have a connection with her great grandmother. The action is really well done and showcases that Kamala is learning more about her powers and how to use them.

Kamala finds herself in a secret location where she learns more about her great grandmother, where she comes from and how her powers are connected to another world. We also learn the stakes of what the Clandestines have planned for the world if they succeed. At the same time, the Clandestines escape from Damage Control and leave one of their own behind.

The scenes between Kamala and Sani are fantastic. There is a great warmth between the characters and I loved seeing it. There is also a great moment between Muneeba and Sani that showcases their strained relationship and how there is still love beneath it. The plot starts to pick up when the Clandestines arrive and attack. It leads to a fun and exciting car chase through the streets. A chase that will bring Kamala to a pivotal moment in her history and the story of her family.

The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel brilliantly moves the story forward by laying out the stakes, ramping up the action and continuing to create great character moments both for Kamala and the supporting cast. I love the callbacks to history and how it shapes her powers and ultimately, her purpose. The episode was a great watch and makes me excited to see where it goes next.

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