Ms. Marvel

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 3


Ahead of Aamir’s wedding, Kamala may face grave consequences due to a crucial decision she makes.

The new episode of Ms. Marvel starts with a flashback to the past where the origin of the bangle has been revealed. An origin that has an awesome connection to the Marvel universe with an interesting reveal. Kamala is told an interesting story from the woman who rescued her along with what she is and her connection to the power of the bangle.

Kamala finds Bruno and tells him everything that happened to her and we get a great call back to another MCU character. Things get tense at the mosque when Damage Control shows up and Nakia stands up to them. It’s a cool moment and beautifully empowering. I love the relationship between Kamala and Nakia. It’s such a cool scene and transitions beautifully into the preparations for Aamir’s wedding.

I love the cultural representation in this series and this episode highlights some beautiful moments with Kamala’s family. I enjoy that the writers and directors are fleshing out her world and making it accessible to a wider audience to know and appreciate. Kamala finds herself dealing with doubts about her purpose and there is a touching and beautiful moment between her and her mother. That same wonderful sentiment is seen in the next scene where Kamala’s father talks to his son before the wedding.

Tension starts to build in the episode when Najma decides that she is done waiting for Kamala to make her decision and Kamran goes to warn Kamala. What follows is a tense chase through the venue with an unskilled and untested Kamala trying to hold her own against Najma and her forces. The action is really intense and culminates in another great moment between Kamala and her family as she grapples with telling the truth and protecting her family.

The third episode of Ms. Marvel is a wonderful world building episode. It doesn’t have a lot of action in it until the end of the episode, but the mystery within the story is compelling and the small reveals make it more interesting. I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.

Ms. Marvel S01XE03



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