Moon Knight

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 4

The Tomb

Marc & Steven trek the Siwa Desert with Layla to find Ammit’s tomb, but the threats ahead look to protect the goddess’ resting place.

In the aftermath of Khonshu’s banishment, Layla is on her own with an unconscious Marc. As Harrow’s forces move in, Layla will have to fight for her and Marc’s lives. The episode definitely gives Layla more agency and I enjoy seeing her in action in a scene that is beautifully shot, if just a little too dark at times.

Layla and Steven finally make their way to Harrow’s camp and the Steven/Marc dynamic continues to get more interesting. Steven continues to overestimate his role in events and it’s awkward seeing him try to romance Layla. It continues to showcase the brilliant way the writers and producers are differentiating Marc’s distinct personalities. 

Steven and Layla make their way into the tomb and discover that things are more difficult than they imagined and a lot more dangerous. Steven finally becomes useful to the events as he uses his skills to determine where they need to go. It’s a great scene that showcases the brilliant production design of the series. 

Things get even more interesting when Steven and Layla find themselves hiding from one of the guardians of the tomb who has been picking off Harrow’s followers and using them for rituals. It adds some added drama and peril for the characters and allows the viewer to be brought into a gorgeous looking, Indiana Jones style adventure complete with traps and dangerous chasms. There are also a couple of really good jump scares to be found. 

Steven finally finds what he’s been searching for as Harrow confronts Layla. Harrow pushes Layla towards the truth about her father. It’s an obvious story moment that is kind of bland from a drama perspective. The moment would have had more impact had it come organically to the character. It does lead to a visually beautiful scene of Marc entering a new plane of existence. One that is more weird than you can imagine and brilliantly done. 

Episode 4 is a brilliant mix of action, adventure and thrills. The episode has some predictable beats in the Harrow/Layla exchange, but the unexpected twists towards the end of the episode more than make up for that with moments that are surreal, engaging and beautifully charming in their weirdness. 

Moon Knight S01XE04



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