Moon Knight #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Alessandro Capuccio

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by VC’s Corey Petit

The Rundown: Moon Knight discusses his history and current duties with a therapist. Meanwhile, an acolyte of Khonshu prepares for a showdown.

Moon Knight introduces himself. Then the scene shifts to a group of citizens being kidnapped by vampires. Moon Knight interrupts the crime and clashes with the villains. He realizes the victims have been compromised, but allows them to live under his protection. In the present, Moon Knight converses with his therapist and describes how he became a hero. Later, on a patrol, Moon Knight encounters Badr, who reveals himself to be a follower of Khonshu. Badr disagrees with Moon Knight’s current stance on Khonshu and challenges his authority. Afterwards Moon Kinight has separate discussions with both his therapist and his assistant Reese. Elsewhere, Badr speaks with someone unexpected and announces his stunning plans.

The Story: Jed MacKay has crafted an exciting first chapter to this series. I like how Moon Knight is introduced though his conversation with a therapist. It’s a different and highly effective narrative device. It also makes me curious as to whether his mental health issue will come into play later on in the series. I also find Moon Knight’s character fascinating. I am interested in how he maintains a since of duty toward a God he disdains. I feel there is a deeper message in that decision that is worth exploring. This episode was exciting. And I found the story line to be very promising. I look forward to more of Moon Knight’s adventures.

The Art: Capuccio and Rosenberg uses detailed drawings and brilliant colors to capture the world of Moon Knight. I appreciate how the illustrations are able to make the night based locations come alive. This beautiful issue does an excellent job with capturing the spirit and tone of the story.

Moon Knight #1



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